Neilson Street Kitchen Featured on Houzz!

Dec 10, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Neilson Street Residence kitchen was featured in a Houzz article called “Kitchen Color: 15 Ravishing Red Backsplashes”.  We frequently use Hakatai tile in our projects, and this Crimson Blend (one of their standard blended mosaic tiles) provides a nice, textural accent.  It matches the red cord on the Caravaggio pendants, which are also lovely!

Featured on Houzz: Brew a Café Look at Home

Sep 30, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Novak Residence kitchen has been featured again on Houzz, in an article called "Brew a Café Look at Home".  The indoor-outdoor feel of sidewalk cafes is pretty special, and that's exactly what we tried to recreate in this kitchen remodel.  We know the owners love that space, too!

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Novak kitchen is featured again on Houzz!

Sep 3, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Novak Residence kitchen has a lot of sweet moments, but we get a lot of inquiries about the rubber flooring in particular.  It's commonly used in commercial applications, but we like the look and feel in homes, too.  We've done several kitchens with rubber flooring, and have even used them as a kitchen backsplash!  You can read the Houzz article (which features other kitchen flooring solutions), or see before and after photos of the project.

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Novak Residence kitchen floor is featured on Houzz!

Jul 30, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa


Houzz featured our Novak Residence project on an article about various uses for rubber in a home.  We have used rubber flooring in a few of our projects, and we're a big fan!  It's pretty, utilitarian, and soft underfoot.  Let us know if you have other uses for rubber materials in your home.

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The bathroom that just won't quit...

May 15, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa


The Samaras/Sorensen Residence bathroom photo was featured AGAIN on Houzz!  The article is more about bathroom layout and required clearances, but we love that they chose to use this bathroom photo as an example.

We want to say thanks again to the owners, Isabel and Marcos, who inspired this design; and to Joe Fletcher, who continues to help us capture the essence of our projects through his beautiful photography.

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Samaras/Sorensen Bathroom featured on Houzz

May 7, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa


The Samaras/Sorensen Residence Bathroom (it is called the Stannage Avenue Residence on our Houzz page) has been featured on Houzz, in an article called “Bathed in Color“.  This project was designed and built in 2005, so it's proof that even colors can be timeless!

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Kitchen musings: our contribution to a Houzz kitchen article

Dec 4, 2012 by Hiromi Ogawa

Houzz approached us to help them with an article about kitchen design do's and don'ts.  It was an interesting exercise to verbalize what we as designers do with intuition and experience.

[houzz= w=380]

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Samaras/Sorensen Dining Room featured on Houzz

Nov 6, 2012 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Samaras/Sorensen Residence Dining Room (it is called the Stannage Avenue Residence on our Houzz page) has been featured on Houzz, in an article called "Extendable Tables Solve Dining Dilemmas".  The extendable table wasn't designed by us, but the article points out that the corner dining bench (our custom design) saves space while allowing a comfortable area to gather.  This bench design was our solution to provide efficient seating, open up the house layout, and maximize storage all at the same time.  The bench extends through the Living Room, where it becomes more seating and a media cabinet.

Entertaining solutions, just in time for Thanksgiving - I hope you get cozy and enjoy the Holidays!

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Forever Green and blushing

Oct 9, 2012 by Lynn Fisher

Last week, Lynn and I were honored by the Girl Scouts of Northern California as 2 of the top 100 women who have "made a significant impact to sustaining the environment, economy, or community".  We attended a beautiful reception at the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park, where we were amongst a dense crowd of very interesting men and women.  Best of all, the Space Cookies (a Girl Scouts robotics team) were demonstrating their basketball hoop-shooting robots, and helped answer some of my burning questions about robotics opportunities for children.  Awesome!

As to why we think we won this award.... we have very detailed green standards, both for our clients' projects and within our office.  Integrating low-cost and no-cost sustainability measures has been a standard practice in our office for several years, so we don't feel like it's really something we need to brag about.  But apparently, helping our clients navigate through their myriad of sustainable cost-value decisions, while still maintaining a standard of beauty and utility, is something this 100-year old organization wanted to celebrate.  We are so honored and humbled by this recognition, and we are inspired to keep serving our clients and the community with our integrated and holistic approach. 

Thank you Girl Scouts!

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Novak Residence featured in "A Nook of One's Own"

Mar 15, 2012 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Novak Residence kitchen (it is called the 12th Street Kitchen on our Houzz page) has been featured (again!) on Houzz, in an article called "A Nook of One's Own".  This is also the project that was recently a finalist in Dwell Magazine's Caesarstone Challenge contest.

We are so honored by the outpouring of support for our projects, and these articles are proof that good design can resonate with many people.  Thanks all!

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