Seasonal Sweet Spot

May 19, 2010 by Lynn Fisher

If there’s one thing that Hiromi and I both like other than architecture, it’s food.  Since her recent Food Matters post, food has come up particularly often in our conversations.  (For the record, I wish that I could partake in their pizza-making, kiln-cooking parties!) So what are we eating?  In my house, there are a handful of meals in my family’s weeknight cooking repertoire that hit the sweet spot for all of us.  They’re quick to prep and cook, feature seasonal ingredients, are honestly enjoyed by both grown-ups and kids, and are (sort of) healthy.  This pasta recipe from the Chronicle definitely feels like it was custom-made for us. **

(I am not a food photographer!)

I clipped it from the paper a few years ago, and it easily made its way into our springtime rotation.  This year, by the end of February we found ourselves actively waiting for our CSA box to have the right combination of ingredients so that we could start eating it again.  Really, with asparagus, sugar snap peas, sautéed onions, lemons, fresh ricotta, toasted nuts, and brown butter, what’s not to like?

**Note:  if you try this, it’s definitely worth seeking out good, fresh ricotta. Calabro is the best that we’ve found.  Also, we’ve never actually made it with hazelnuts; we just use whatever nuts (usually walnuts) we have on hand.

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