The Evolution of a Stair

Oct 27, 2014 by Christina Kwiecienski

stair details

It’s amazing what creative solutions can emerge when collaboration is at play. The evolution of this stair in particular is a result of an exquisite collaborative effort between architecture and engineering. We worked directly with our structural engineer, Bill Harrison, to find a solution that embodies our client’s vision for this project. As the design progressed (from left to right on the image above), we wanted to enhance one of the most innovative features of this stair - the perforated metal mesh. The mesh seems to defy the laws of gravity as it floats upward, bending continuously to act as both stair riser and tread. The owners were also very helpful in communicating their preferences as we shared each option. The design would not have evolved in the same way without the necessary and valuable structural input from an engineer that understands the essence of the design. What a beautiful partnership!

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