Colors, Textures, and Light

Nov 17, 2010 by Hiromi Ogawa

We are very happy with the photos Joe Fletcher took of our recent project in Albany, California.  He really captures the concepts that we considered during the design process: colors, textures, and light.

The stair well to the new second floor features a tall window, almost floor to ceiling, with operable awning windows for natural ventilation.  You can see the sun beaming through and illuminating the first floor.

Clean edges and asymmetry give a modern look, while wood keeps it feeling grounded and timeless.

We made sure that the differing wood species on the custom kitchen cabinets didn't clash with the details of the open dining room.

Black and red were used to articulate the kitchen.  The black toekick, a pretty standard detail in our projects, is effective in making the cabinets look less heavy, particularly when the cabinet and the floor are similar finishes.  Windows between the counter and upper cabinets provide a sliced and framed view of the yard.

A floor-to-ceiling window in the kitchen lets in a lot of light and separates the full height pantry wall from the counter space.  A lowered marble top is used for baking.

The upstairs bathroom has two high awnings and a skylight, all providing lots of natural light while maintaining privacy.  White cabinets and walls keep the room bright, and allows room for bold and darker colors to be used playfully in an otherwise compact room.

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