Collaborations: Curtis Sakai, Bay Reach Homes

Oct 13, 2015 by Hiromi Ogawa

We first worked with Curtis Sakai in 2008 when we helped him with his family’s second story addition and remodel in the Berkeley Hills. Throughout the project, it was clear that we worked well together and shared similar sensibilities. So, we were thrilled when Curtis asked us to collaborate on his first project with his development venture, Bay Reach Homes, in 2012. Since then we have worked together on half a dozen house remodels ranging from simple rehabilitations to major transformations.
Our ongoing relationship Curtis has allowed us to create a lot of efficiencies. We understand how we best work together. Unlike out typical custom projects, these development projects tend to move quickly and decisions are often made on the fly. As a team, we can pull best practices and favorite concepts from past projects to ensure that our current projects are fresh and creative while still being functional and appealing.
Above all, we simply enjoy working with Curtis. He’s very thoughtful about each project and always considers the value of each change – Will people appreciate it? Will it work well for the people who live here? His projects also include a little bit of “wow factor” which makes working with Curtis really fun.