Client Collaborations: Details

Aug 20, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

Our proudest and most successful designs are a product of true collaboration between us and the client.  When the client can articulate their needs and wants, and we, in turn, can respond to those needs with a design solution that incorporates function and aesthetics, it's like magic.  And we really can't do it on our own; an open, trusting, and design-savvy client is the key to a successful design solution.

One Room at a Time

This one is an oldie (this project is from 2005!) but a goodie.  The clients were both artists, and they were open to anything, which was exciting and fun.  Every detail was discussed - the countertop-to-cabinet relationship, the skylight-to-tile detail.  And the custom sink cabinet (with holes that doubled as towel bar and cabinet pull) is still a favorite.  It's one of our first projects, and set us on a course to tackle every project with and same kind of rigor and curiosity.


This one is another favorite.  This family was excellent at assessing their display and storage needs, and it prompted us to look at every nook and cranny as an opportunity.  The space under the stair was no exception.  Our interpretation of the Japanese step chest not only fulfilled the clients' need for art display, but also blended with the overall aesthetic of the project.


Creating a jewel-like powder room is always a treat.  Since powder rooms are typically small and lightly used, they are the perfect place to experiment or have a little fun.  We juxtaposed traditional (mirror, wallpaper) with modern (wall-mounted sink) so that the room felt stately and playful at the same time. Our next post will be about how collaborations with our clients can make an impact on a much larger scale: overall layout and design concept.

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