NE 38th Avenue Residence begins construction

Oct 13, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

We're very excited to have a Portland project break ground this fall.  It's always exciting when framing goes up and the rooms start to take shape.

Transparency and Connection

Aug 8, 2014 by Christina Kwiecienski

SketchUp model - view inside from backyard deck SketchUp model - view inside from backyard deck

SketchUp model - threshold between inside and outside space SketchUp model - looking towards the kitchen and living spaces at the threshold between outside and inside. 

It's amazing how powerful a 3D model can be when it comes to understanding spacial relationships. One of the driving elements of this project is the inter-connectivity between inside and outside living spaces, and I love how the digital model really allows for us to feel that transparency and connection.

Featured on Houzz: 7 Kitchen Flooring Materials to Boost Your Cooking Comfort

Aug 7, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

12th Street Residence Kitchen 1

The Novak Residence kitchen has been featured again on Houzz, in an article called "7 Kitchen Flooring Materials to Boost Your Cooking Comfort".  The Flexco rubber floor is a big hit with the owners, who are avid cooks.  They preferred a tough, yet soft surface like rubber over the idea of continuing the wood flooring, since they wanted the kitchen to withstand spills, stains, and drops, yet still be comfortable for their no-shoes barefoot lifestyle with a young child underfoot. 

Other flooring materials featured in the article include favorites we have used in kitchens and throughout the house: cork, bamboo, and wood. 

Making Use of the Space Under the Stairs

Jul 7, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

Neilson Street stair cabinet Front

We were just featured in an article called "Turn Wasted Space into Functional Storage", where they use our Neilson Street Residence project as one solution for using the underutilized space under the stairs. 
















Other examples in the article were also inspiring, such as a play house, pull-out pantry, and bookshelves.  It's always nice to take advantage of unused spaces, and make something special that is unique to the home. 

Uncovering the Future

Apr 9, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

Santa Fe Before

Demolition has begun on our project in Albany, California.  The Dining Room is opening up and connecting to a new expanded kitchen.  A new second story, consisting of three bedrooms and one bath, will be built above these rooms.  We're always excited too see the raw, opened space, as it starts to hint at the transformation to follow.

(top photo by OFA; bottom photo by Bill Harrison)

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Recessed Shower Niche

Mar 14, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

North Berkeley shower niche

Finishes are being installed at our North Berkeley project, and the linear recessed shower niche is looking quite nice.  The field tiles are glass subways, while the glass mosaic accent tiles are on one wall, spilling into the back side of the niche.  Both tiles are by Hakatai.

Old Pocket Doors

Mar 12, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

NPA pocket door detail


How beautiful are these?  The contractor completed demolition on our project in North Palo Alto, and exposed the original pocket door hardware in between 100-year old framing. 

We knew the pocket doors were there and planned on removing them, but after talking with the owners, the unanimous decision was to salvage the doors and mount them with their original hardware on the wall, barn door style.  It's an art installation of sorts, honoring a relic of the house's past. 

NPA pocket door

The rawness of the space is so exciting, so full of potential.  We have big, wonderful plans for this house - more to come!

Berkeley Project gets Houzz Tour

Jan 23, 2014 by Hiromi Ogawa

Photo of view from Master Suite

The Marin Avenue Residence was featured in an article called "Houzz Tour: Finding the Flow in Berkeley".  We enjoyed answering some detailed questions about the project's unique qualities, as well as our design process.  The article covers a lot of ground, and we appreciate the detailed tour of one of our favorite projects.  We loved working with the owners and continue our collaboration through their business, Bay Reach Homes.

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Dress for Success Career Center is complete!

Dec 16, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

We attended the open house for the new Career Center at Dress for Success Oregon, where we helped with the design.  The space felt warm and welcoming, which meant we achieved our goal of creating a space (out of a former tattoo parlor!) that is both a refuge and a source of inspiration for everyone who walks in.

It was also wonderful to see how the space accommodated a large crowd.  There is a small kitchen (see the dark cabinets in the back of the image above), so the staff can prepare meals for their patrons, who often eat dinner while they are attending evening classes.

It was an honor to be a part of this project, both for the people worked with, and also the people our design will serve.  It will be exciting to see how the space gets used over time!  All photos by Ingersoll Photography.

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Neilson Street Kitchen Featured on Houzz!

Dec 10, 2013 by Hiromi Ogawa

The Neilson Street Residence kitchen was featured in a Houzz article called “Kitchen Color: 15 Ravishing Red Backsplashes”.  We frequently use Hakatai tile in our projects, and this Crimson Blend (one of their standard blended mosaic tiles) provides a nice, textural accent.  It matches the red cord on the Caravaggio pendants, which are also lovely!