Nifty: Lutron eco-dim

Aug 25, 2008 by Hiromi Ogawa

Instead of emailing everyone and their brothers about what I think is nifty, I decided I would post it on our blog instead.  So here goes Nifty #1: Lutron eco-dim.  It is the same attractive series of dimmers that Lutron provides, except that it lets the bulbs last 3x longer, and provides at least 15% in energy savings.  I looked online and the price for each fixture seems to be the same as the regular Lutron dimmer, so there's nothing to lose in going eco! I don't have any photos of lush forests on hand, so here's a photo of my son Nico and Grandma on the Oregon coast, walking on sand for the first time.  Let's do whatever we can to save moments in nature like this, right?

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