Client Testimonial: Andrew Recinos and Peg Cooper

Oct 13, 2011 by Hiromi Ogawa

Our recent flurry of kitchen features has prompted us to look back at our past kitchen projects, and see the variety of different styles and needs we have encountered.  Each one is unique, which is what makes kitchens so interesting. It's one the most intricate rooms to design in a house. The Recinos/Cooper Residence kitchen is a study in efficiency.  Peg Cooper is a pastry chef, and wanted the flexibility to conduct classes in her kitchen.  Even through the confines of the house limited the size of the kitchen, both Peg and Andrew wanted it to operate like a commercial kitchen: with separate and efficient areas for prepping, cooking, and cleaning.  In addition, they wanted the style of the kitchen to stay true to the era of their Craftsman House. As always, we started by looking at the house as a whole, and evaluating essential design issues like natural lighting, traffic flow, and utility.  By relocating the rear entrance and studying the movements between the three workstations, we worked with the owners to create a spacious kitchen with distinct work areas and lots of storage. We recently asked the owners to share how they felt about the experience of working with us, from initial concept to project completion.  Here is what they said: "It is hard to believe that a kitchen remodel could change your life, but in many ways this is the case with the remodel designed and managed by Ogawa Fisher Architects.  Prior to the remodel, the kitchen was already the focal point of the house (so often the case, and more so with a toddler), which just exacerbated its deficiency.  Poorly laid out, dark, and cut off from the rest of the house, the kitchen was a constant source of frustration.  The Ogawa Fisher team imagined a new kitchen in the same space, which was well lit, well designed and integrated into the flow of the house – a focal point we actually want to spend time in.  The first time friends entered our house post-renovation, they tended to say the same thing – 'this didn’t just change your kitchen, it changed your whole house!'" Thank you, Andrew and Peg!  It's so rewarding to know that changes in one room can transform the feel of the whole house.  We really enjoyed working with you and hope we have the opportunity to collaborate with you again soon. Special thanks to Scorpion Construction for their hard work and craftsmanship; and to Kristin Beadle for the beautiful photography. For more images of this kitchen, feel free to browse the project album on our facebook page.

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