Timeless Kitchen

Jul 29, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

Custom walnut cabinets. Never goes out of style. At our Ramona Avenue Residence.⁠

Totally transformed

Jul 26, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

Our Riviera Avenue Residence project is a remodel and addition, and the changes are dramatic, yet true to the original home's Asian and midcentury modern roots. We added a new garage in the front, and embraced the compact space between the two buildings by creating a courtyard with a framed view of the sky in the middle. Warmed by new cedar soffits, it should make for a lovely entry.⁠

Plaster fireplace

Jul 24, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

The texture and depth of this cement plaster fireplace wall at our Hyacinth Lane Residence is almost like a piece of art or a mural. Our clients found the perfect piece of wood for the mantle, and the room needs little else to make a statement. ⁠

Visiting the slab yard

Jul 17, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

We're reviewing the templates for the Amarillo Avenue Residence master bath countertop at the stone yard. Dialing in the perfect balance of color, texture, and interest...

Welcoming front entry

Jul 9, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

Our Gilbert Avenue Residence in Menlo Park features deep roof eaves, which makes for great sun shading in our sunny climate. ⁠

Stops you in your tracks

Jul 3, 2019 by Hiromi Ogawa

The entry floor at our La Donna Avenue Residence. Such a beautiful and vibrant greeting to all who come to visit.